Life Skills

We encourage and support our VIPs to be as independent as possible. We do this through providing them with access to various activities.


Out in the Community

We take the VIPs on various trips in to the community. They have access to activities such as bowling, trampolining, walking, dining out and shopping. These trips give them the opportunity to use various life skills in different community settings and gives them access to the world around them. 

Forming Relationships

We encourage our VIPs to take part in activities in a group setting. This gives them the opportunity to form relationships with other VIPs and build up their social and communication skills.



VIPs have access to cooking and baking. They are supported to build up their independence and fine motor skills through preparing food such as chopping, measuring and mixing. 


We have a garden on site which gives the VIPs the opportunity to hands-on practical skills. They will be supported to plant flowers and vegetables as well as other activities involving topics such as minibeasts and wildlife.