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We've started a blog!

Here at Future Horizons we're always looking for new ways to keep our clients, their parents/guardians and other visitors up to date with what we've been up to.

Let me first introduce myself my name is Dan, I'm one of the Senior Support Workers here at Future Horizons and my goal is to post a new blog post weekly and showcase what our young people and their support workers have been up to during the week. Obviously this will be only a small highlight reel as they do so much you'd reading for hours!

I thought I'd start by letting you know what we've been up to during lockdown. Future Horizons have been busy throughout COVID. We began by hiring our new pastoral manager Harpreet Phull. Harpreet joined us from Scope and already knew quite a few of our clients. Transitioning through Covid was always going to be a struggle but she hit the ground running and has helped keep FHL running throughout.

Next up we had James Price join us as our new Senior Support Worker. James had previously worked teaching with SEND, so his knowledge and experience was invaluable and he has slotted well within the team, bringing some new and exciting ideas.

Eve Hunt joined us later this year as our Leader of education. Eve has bags of experience when it comes to teaching and has already implemented some fun and exciting ideas which all of our clients and staff have got involved with. Eve has come up with some interesting and stimulating plans for our clients and is continuing to bring us fun activities week in week out.

Harpreet Phull James Price Eve Hunt

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