• Daniel Moody

It's Christmas 🎅

In the words of Slade, its Christmas! Here at Future Horizons we've been keeping ourselves busy with all kinds of Christmas/Festive activities, arts and crafts & games, along with all our usual fun.

We've celebrated Christmas jumpers which saw our clients bringing in some of their old jumpers to help turn them festive. The staff even brushed off the cobwebs of their festive frocks for the occasion.

Of course Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a full Christmas dinner. Clients and staff sat down to a feast created by our very own chef Sue. There was lots of full bellies afterwards and lets just say the sprouts did us no favours.

Here at Future Horizons, Santa and his elves appeared a little earlier than the 25th, they must have heard we've been good this year.

The clients all got to visit Santa in his Grotto and even got a few gifts from Santa and his little helpers.

We were even treated to a cake from David and his mum, which lets just say didn't last very long when put out on the floor.

All in all its been a fun (slightly different) year here at Future Horizons and this Christmas season was just what we all needed to lift our spirits.

From all the Future Horizons team we hope you all have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in 2021. We've got some big plans ahead of us including music therapy, speech and language therapists and sensory specialists and artists visiting us. But for now I think we're all ready for a little break over Christmas. Enjoy!

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