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What've we been doing in May?

It's been a while since we've posted anything and that's because we've been extra busy with lockdown lifting and more activities becoming available we've been able to get out and involved in activities in our local community again!

Whilst the sun has been shining and lockdown restrictions have begun to lift it has been a great opportunity for us to get back to some of the regular activities we run at Future Horizons.

We've been bowling.

We've been for picnics in the local parks and nature trails.

We've planned our routes and used public transport to travel to the city centre.

Some of us have even managed to squeeze a trip in to Tropical World.

There's even been a few trips out to the seaside to build some sandcastles and get fish and chips!

Despite it looking like we're always out having fun, we have been busy indoors as well. While the weather hasn't always held off we have been kept busy with exciting and fun lessons led by our Leader of Education Tom. He's been leading activities such as wood working and pottery classes to name a few. Have a look at some of the highlights below.

We've also been keeping up with our weekly sessions of BoomChikkaBoom who've had us up showing our creative sides, dancing, laughing and most importantly having fun.

They even had us making clothes out of bits and bobs we could find around us. Do I see a Future Horizons sustainable clothing line in the future? Maybe? You be the judge.

Of course we've had to do some cooking, we've got to keep practicing those life skills. This month we've been focusing a lot on healthy eating and how we can make healthier choices and the small steps we can take in our day to day lives.

They say a great chef always tastes his food while they're cooking, although I don't think some people got the memo to not lick the spoon until after we cook.

Our Leader of Education has been leading weekly Art clubs and this has definitely spurred our creative sides, it's great to see what ideas our young people come up with and giving them the opportunities to bring their creative ideas to life.

As you can see we've been busy but most importantly we've had fun and lots of smiles and laughs have been shared!

We hope you all enjoy your bank holiday weekend. We'll see you in June. Cheers!

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